ReBirthing Ceremony

I turned 61 this week and started this next journey round the Sun with a ReBirthing Ceremony. Every thing has come into alignment, with a new moon birthing a new cycle as well. I have been in a great state of Transition for the past few years as I surrender to a Calling that has its own momentum.

This calling I believe is coming from the intelligence of the Earth.

Placenta Burial

Three years ago I felt the call to purchase 60 acres of beautiful land at the Colo, we call this place HearthGround.

It has many caves, huge sandstone walls, rainforest areas and creeks. It is buzzing with life, wombats, lyrebirds, goannas, delightful birds and yess snakes!

Though steeped in rich natural Beauty, the echoes of a tragic past find their way into our present consciousness. The river systems of this area bore the brunt of colonial crimes as the Original peoples the Darug and Darkinjung were slaughtered, poisoned and hunted.

Learning a way of living that acknowledges the trauma that has happened, and living with the Blessing of being the present custodians is a process that is shaping the awareness of my husband, Nick and I.  As Hearth Keepers of this special place we walk in reverence as we tend.

When I first walked this land, I had a powerful experience where I felt energy travel up through the soles of my feet, making my eyes sting with tears and I saw that this land would be a ceremony space to hold placenta burial.

Minmia Wiradjuri Lore/Law woman and keeper of Women’ business and my teacher, speaks of the placenta nourishing and honouring the Earth Nungeena-tya. She teaches us that the unique Miwi print that holds the coded instructions for our life journey are imprinted on the placentas. By burying the placenta with sacred ceremony we enable our children to move through the challenges of puberty, grounded and guided by Nungeena-tya.


Birthing Ceremonies were once part of all cultures, as reverence for life and connection to the Earth was understood. With the shift towards a mechanised and medicalised society, these processes have almost disappeared. The ReBirthing ceremony, has been shared/taught by Minmia for those of us that haven’t had this connection via our placentas and the Earth.

ReBirthing Ceremony


Almost thirty years ago I buried my daughter, Lila’s, placenta up near the mighty cliffs of the Royal National Park and then my son’s, Akael. I have been able to witness their journey through puberty, and yes there were challenges, but I can see that they carry very close to them, values of respect and care to the people, and the world around them, they have had the stamina to meet their goals.


Over the years I have held ceremony for placenta burial, attended Initiation and offered the ReBirthing Ceremony to many of my clients, but recently I realised that I hadn’t done the ceremony for myself!

So back to the beginning, Nick and I did our rebirthing ceremony together this week. Such an incredible experience to share together, for me now, I feel anchored and ready to embrace community in sacred space. The land has brought me to a place where the inauthentic grates uncomfortably in my Soul and calls me to Trust that a wondrous process is creating through us.